At Fenor NS, we are committed to instilling, within each child, an understanding, appreciation and love for music. We believe music is an essential component of education for all children. Music provides children with the skills necessary to use their minds creatively and intellectually. Our aspiration at Fenor NS,  is that children may gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction from music by becoming involved in it through performance and listening and by developing critical thinking skills. 

We recognise children's musical talent at the end of the year, by holding a Talent Show, encouraging children to showcase their talents and perform in front of the whole school.  

Take a look at our Talent Show June 2019 HERE which included Irish dancers, a harpist, violinist, a saxaphonist, guitarists, several piano players, comedians and even a break dancer! 

Music Generation

The school  is lucky to have Music Generation visit us every Thursday. Children from Junior Infants to 2nd class participate in musical beginnings weekly, a music exploratory based programme inspired by a range of pedagogical approaches including Orff, Dalcroze and Kodály, through singing and movement as well as the use of percussion and pitched instruments.

Children from 3rd to 6th class learn to play the ukulele with Music Generation. Through ukulele,  children experience personal and musical development that will engage them aurally, visually and kinaesthetically in active music making, with the ambition of empowering their musicianship. Whole class instrumental programmes bring a rounded experience of music making underpinned by the fundamentals of music such as rhythm, melody, form, texture, timbre, harmony, ensemble performance, expression and movement. Ukulele is an accessible instrument with a wide scope to support children atdifferent stages of learning, from basic strumming to challenging rhythmic patterns and melodic playing.


The senior classes 4th, 5th and 6th,  participate in  Samba Drumming  classes  every year, where they learn exciting rhythms and are given the opportunity to play a wide variety of percussion instruments.  

School Choir

Fenor N.S choir is made up of children from 1st to 6th class who commit themselves to practicing every Wednesday, after school with Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Conway. They perform at the Peace Proms, Holy Communion, Confirmation and all school events. They also have participated in Féile Scoile for the last number of years. 

Each and every time the choir sings they do themselves, their school, teachers and parents proud with their wonderful performances. One of the highlights of the choir’s year is participating in the Peace Proms which is an event that needs to be experienced to be believed!