Health & Wellbeing

Education about mental health and well-being is an integral part of our school among students and staff. Children practice gratitude in classes on a daily basis and are encouraged to keep 'Gratitude Journals' . Every day we have a dedicated time to 'meditate', where students and staff take some time out of the busy day to listen to quiet music and be present.

Exercise and Healthy Eating are central to Health Promotion in our school. This year, some classes are doing the daily mile and all classes have PE twice per week. We have been part of the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme for the last number of years and last year we had a local chef do a cookery demonstration for all classes to teach us some healthy recipes!

Read the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework HERE

Amber Flag Initiative

In 2019/2020, we took part in the Amber Flag Initiative. This Initiative is set up by Pieta House to recognise the individual efforts of schools to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well being. As part of the Initiative, we set up an Amber Flag committee who organised events throughout the year. We dedicated one notice board to the Amber Flag notices, and to display positive affirmations and we also held a 'Health and Wellbeing Week' which was a great success! We received our first Amber Flag in June 2020.

Check out our Health & Wellbeing week February 2020 HERE

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