Mrs. Murphy's Class

Dare to Believe Project 2020-2021

6th Class took part in the Dare to Believe programme in the first term of this year. Dare to Believe is a programme to help children:

  • Dare to learn.

  • Dare to find joy.

  • Dare to have courage.

  • Dare to respect.

  • Dare to believe.

The Olympic and Paralympic games are the biggest sporting events in the world but they are a lot more than that. The true purpose of the Olympic and Paralympic games is to give an example to the next generation and show them that their mindset can benefit them and the world.

We learned about all the different Olympic rings and what they mean.

  • Ring 1- Olympic & Paralympic games: In ring 1 we learned what the Olympic and Paralympic games are and the history of them.

  • Ring 2- Healthy mind & Body: In this ring we read up on what being healthy is and put it into action.

  • Ring 3- Joy of Effort: We learned about what joy is and we learned about having courage in this ring.

  • Ring 4- Respect & equality: In ring 4 we learned the importance of respect for ourselves, others and our environment.

  • Ring 5-Striving for Excellence: We learned in this ring about having a growth mindset and we had a zoom with Thomas Barr, an athlete from Dunmore East, Waterford.

6th Class Remote Learning Art